Film Review: Nick and Jane

“Nick and Jane” is the 90’s derivative, if you were in the slower group, of “Dick and Jane”- remember, reading class? In this up-tempo, romantic scenario, Jane (Dana Wheeler-Nicholson) is a hard-driving financial analyst who is unlucky in love; she falls for a cab driver, Nick (James McCaffrey), who is an underachiever, to say the least. Nick however, has a lot of sensitive qualities that Jane’s power-tied suitor Lack. And that’s the problem for Jane in this appealing scenario.

“Nick and Jane” should attract singles as a theatrical release and do well down the road as a video rental. As yet without distributor, “Nick and Jane” should bode well for the savvy investor who can market a film without star players.

In Rich Mauro (also the director and co-producer) and Peter Quigley’s smart screenplay, modern romance is played out with intelligent panache: Neither lead character is favored. Jane is smart and vulnerable, a ‘90s woman who can’t connect with men. Nick has the same timely troubles: As written, he’s a renaissance man who’s blue-collar qualities baffle and entice upscale Jane.

Both amusing and heartfelt, “Nick and Jane” is, nevertheless, somewhat predictable in its romantic structure. In short, we always know what going on before either lovers has a clue- a definite shortcoming. Still, Mauro has seasoned this comedy with enough brittle flavor to pacify our misgivings: Visually, the film is smart, clueing us to both characters’ personalities through cinematographer Chris Norr’s perceptive framings and costume designer Liz McGrrity’s intelligent wares.

Gobalt Films
Producer – Bill McCulehen III
Director – Rich Mauro
Screenwriters – Rich Mauro, Peter Quigley
Co-producer – Ruth Mauro
Associate producers – Peter Quigley

Director of photography – Chris Norr
Music – Mark Suozzo
Casting Director – Eve Baltaglia
Editors – Wendy Stanzler, Rich Mauroc
Costume designer – Liz Mcgarrity

Jane – Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
Nick – James McCaffrey
Carter – David Johansen
Enzo – Gedde Walnnahe
John – John Dussett
Vic – Lisa Gay Hamilton
Stephaine – Saundra Santiago
Miss Coco – Clinton Leupp

Running time-95 minutes
No MPAA rating

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